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we are your Local Opticians located in Brampton & Longtown.

Our philosophy is simple – we are here to offer the very best in professional eyecare for our patients.  As conscientious and independent opticians our aim is to listen to your concerns and provide the best possible solution in terms of eye health care, high quality frames and lenses, and eye related products.

Using up to date technology we can provide a range of Optometric services including detailed eye examinations with photographic imaging, lenses for near, middle and distance viewing and advice on eye related conditions such as dry, gritty eyes and blepharitis  

With over 30 years’ experience, we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your vision and eye health.  

Please do not hesitate to contact either Longtown (01228 791664) or Brampton Practice (01697 742703) to arrange an appointment.

Eye examination

You should have your eyes examined at regular intervals each year. We can help with this important health check and assess your vision to see where it can be improved.


We use the latest in technology when it comes to your eyecare. Find out more about our Retinal Imaging, learn more aobut Dry Eye Conditions and understand Dyslexia & Visual Stresses.


cropped shot of ophthalmologist giving contact lens to patient in clinic

Contact LEnses

Contact lenses are a popular and safe form of eye correction and we have a wide range of contact lenses from a number of suppliers to suit everyone’s needs. Contact lenses can be used to correct high prescriptions or to help with reading or for sport or social activities, and
there will be the right lens for you.

We have monthly direct debit plans, provide contact lens aftercare appointments and offer all our contact lens wearers a complimentary
sight test every two years.



our frequently asked questions

Normally every 2 years as not only does an eye examination check your vision it can uncover signs of other medical conditions such as BP Diabetes, MS, Thyroid to name but a few.
Working with a computer is not harmful but your eyes can feel tired and dry. The most common cause is a lack of blinking. Normally you will blink without realising it every 4 or 5 seconds on a PC tablet or phone this drops to every 30 or 40 seconds. The blink restores the tear film giving stable clear vision. Not blinking causes the eyes to dry out and vision to be unstable. Follow the 20.20.20 rule every 20 minutes look away to 30 metres for 20 seconds and if you click blink!
Dry eye is a bit of a misnomer, it really is an ocular surface disease. This means your tear film is not up to scratch. Simply put tears are composed water and oils and the composition of your tears is defective. There are many reasons for this the main cause is blepharitis.

The lens in your eye becomes hazy and causes blurred vision, ghosting and glare.  If  your symptoms are causing problems in everyday living then they can be removed.  If in the other hand you are coping, no treatment is necessary.

AMD is the aging of the retina. There are two main types – wet and dry. Wet will come on rapidly and usually causes straight lines to look kinked, and affects your ability to see detail.  It needs urgent referral as treatment is possible.

Dry AMD is slow to progress but does affect the ability to read and see small print. There is limited treatment at the moment but taking a vitamin supplement and protecting your eyes from sunlight can slow the progression.

As they age, the eyes cannot adjust to near objects as easily.  If you wear spectacles to be able to see clearer in the distance, you will need a separate pair to wear for reading.  Bifocals or Varifocals combine the two strengths into one pair of spectacles

This is an hereditary disorder and you are not truly colour blind just colour defective. You cannot always distinguish between colours, and two completely different shades could look the same to you.  It is passed from father to daughter (who only carries the defect and does not suffer from it) who then passes it to her sons.

Floaters are pieces of membrane, blood cells or fibres in the jelly of the eye.  New floaters, especially if accompanied by flashes of light, should always be investigated urgently, whilst floaters you have had for years and just see every now and then are safe.

There are many categories of glaucoma, but the most common type is caused by the fluid pressure in the eye becoming above normal range and damaging the optic nerve over a period of time.  How bad the damage is, and how quickly it progresses, is down to the level of pressure.  If detected early no visual loss should occur.  Careful monitoring is required after diagnosis in order to maintain a safe pressure.

This is because the distance to the computer is a little longer than your normal reading distance and so you generally require a lower strength. The same applies if you play music in a band.

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