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Watering Eyes – Causes and Treatment

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Although we usually shed tears in extreme circumstances, our eyes are constantly being lubricated by tears. These droplets of moisture normally reach our eyes and drain away virtually unnoticed, but a number of conditions can make our eyes water uncontrollably, and it is important to understand any possible causes and treatments.

A leading cause of watering eyes is blepharitis, which typically manifests itself in swollen, dry, and itchy eyelids. This is usually caused by a bacterial infection or an existing skin complaint, taking the form of either anterior (outside) or posterior (inside) blepharitis. These can affect the front of the eyelid around the lashes, or glands within the lids themselves.

While blepharitis sufferers are prone to recurrent attacks, this isn’t a severe condition, although it necessitates avoiding contact lenses and make-up as treatment proceeds. This can include the use of topical or oral antibiotics, alongside basic steps like a warm compress, or rubbing the eyelid edges with a cotton bud or a wipe containing a mild cleaning agent. Eric and Mike can advise on suitable products.

Our eyes can also overflow if our tear ducts get blocked, or if something is stimulation excessive tear production, such as reaction to hayfever, or overcompensation in response to Dry Eye Syndrome. Young babies and the over-60s are more prone to watery eyes, while any physical irritation on the surface (such as an ingrowing eyelash, ingrained dirt, or inflammation like conjunctivitis) can lead to excessive tearing. Good hygiene is vitally important for preventing certain issues from developing in the first place, and always begin your diagnosis or treatment with an appointment in one of our Practices, where we can recognise symptoms, identify problems and recommend appropriate actions.


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