Night drive in the rain

Driving In The Dark

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Because our eyes are less effective in low light, driving at night is uniquely challenging. We outline some of the ways to stay safe and optimise your vision while you’re sat behind the wheel….

Firstly, ensure every glass surface is clean, from the windows and mirrors to your spectacle lenses. Peering through layers of dust and dirt makes it harder to focus, especially low light when our eyes are already struggling to judge depth perception and colour recognition.

Anit-reflection coatings are highly recommended, especially if you drive at night. They lesson reflections in the lenses from bright lights and instruments, as well as from oncoming vehicle headlights.

Peripheral vision also diminishes at night, so be extra vigilant t T-junctions and roundabouts. Choosing glasses with thin arms optimises your peripheral vision. Call in and see our selection of stylish slimline frames.

If demisters or air conditioning cause eye-related discomfort, keep a bottle of soothing eye drops in your glovebox. Fatigue is more common while driving at night so take regular breaks on long journeys so your eyes have a chance to relax.


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