Eye Examinations

Your eye exam is a fully comprehensive vision assessment but also a very relevant health check. It is important to have regular eye exams even if you donít feel you are having any problems.
A full sight test includes:
  • Discussion of any visual problems you are having and information taken regarding your ocular history and general health including prescribed medication.
  • Measuring your distance and near and determining if any prescription is required. We also monitor accommodation (how well you can focus your eyes).
  • Checking your eye muscles are working well together.
  • Full health check assessing the eyes externally and internally. This may include measuring the pressure in your eyes
  • Assessment of your field of vision if required
  • Retinal photography is available and is included in your eye examination at no extra charge
Regular eye exams can lead to early detection and treatment of common eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and age related macula degeneration. Assessment or your eye health can also help to detect conditions which affect the whole body.
At the end or your eye exam the optometrist will fully discuss the results with you. They will conclude any options for vision correction if it is required and give advice on maintaining eye health.